Konligo : Modular stand construction aimed at connecting people!

Trade shows and pop-up events are more popular than ever which surely excites the companies specializing in building stands. With every order, they rub their hands together and build a new (and very expensive) stand…only for it to be thrown away after a few days or weeks. The alternative? Konligo’s modular, reusable stands!

Reuse and design form the perfect tandem at Konligo. The modular stands made of recycled aluminium look really flashy. Yet they’re also incredibly practical. You can unfold them, build them up and take them down in a few minutes – a priceless advantage for all those on the front lines building up and tearing down the booths.

Founder Aushim Koumar has a somewhat unconventional yet effective management style which is driven with heart and soul. Konligo means “connection” in Esperanto. And that’s really what it’s all about: Konligo’s pliable and complementary modules that connect (via scissor system for sturdiness), nearly to infinity so they can be used for small or large events.

There are also structures with fascinating shapes which further invite people to connect. In this way, Konligo also symbolizes the connection between people, at events that we missed so badly during COVID-19. As all Konligo structures are made of recycled aluminium, it also connects to the spirit of circular economy.

The Konligo team resolutely opts for an atypical approach. They build their own offices, install a radically different organizational structure, seek alternative ways of financing and avoid the typical pitfalls of never-ending growth. A bit rebellious? Perhaps, but certainly intriguing and promising!