Brigitte and the chocolate factory

In Belgium you buy chocolate from a chocolatier, who sells a limited assortment of these delicacies in his store. Hence, chocolate shops with a wide or foreign selection are very rare to come by. And that in Belgium, the undisputable leader in fine chocolate. Things can be different, though, according to Brigitte.

Brigitte Courbot and her partner Sarantis Triantafillidis have opened their own chocolaterie in Ixelles, but with a twist. The concept is simple yet absolutely brilliant: to offer both a wide range of chocolate products in all shapes, colours and flavours as well as a total chocolate experience!

A journey of tasty discoveries

At Brigitte, you can not only buy chocolate, but also taste it and learn about it for that full sensory experience. From Madagascar to Congo, via Ecuador and Colombia to Brazil, Vietnam or India… Brigitte takes you on a journey of discovery around the world, with cocoa as your guide. Each country has its own flavours, from very bitter to very sweet. And maybe even a touch spicy? Brigitte’s mission: to offer advice to chocolate lovers and introduce them to challenging flavours, locally and abroad. With Brigitte, you get a quality “offline” personal shopping experience, an absolute rarity these days.

This certainly makes Brigitte’s approach unique and authentic, together with personal advice and a huge assortment in the store!