Freddy met Curry: show must go on!

Freddy met Curry creates delicious zero-waste lunches, freshly made and delivered to the workplace. The ideal alternative to unhealthy junk food and plastic containers.

With pre-packaged sandwiches, salads and unhealthy lunch boxes dominating the workplace for years, the thought of healthy and delicious yet environmentally-friendly lunches at work seemed like nothing short of a fantasy. But then in steps Jérémie and Mariane, daring to make this fantasy come true with the introduction of Freddy met Curry. Yes, they are big fans of Queen and Freddie Mercury.

We are the champions (of delivery)

The basic concept: all Freddy met Curry’s recipes are carefully selected, using as many healthy, local and seasonal ingredients as possible. The company further pays particular attention to minimizing the carbon footprint of each meal by eliminating the use of all disposable packaging.

But then suddenly there was COVID-19, back in March 2020. The virus hit the startup of Freddy met Curry quite hard as the country went into lockdown with people working at home en masse. Today, Freddy met Curry is again broadening its horizons, with home deliveries to private customers. So unintentionally, the crisis actually provided new opportunities!

“The timing was very unfortunate, but the founders didn’t give up. They immediately made the switch to also deliver meals to people who worked from home. That was instantly an incredible success!”

Virginie Smans, project manager for