Fruity soft drink with low sugar content!

FrOui is a soft drink based on fruit and plant extracts. Without additives, with an exceptionally low sugar content. A refreshing idea…and taste, just as co-owners Laurent and Jeffrey intended. Say yes to taste, no to sugar!

The duo met during an entrepreneurship course at university. Their case study grew into a brand new concept for a fruit drink – which deservedly scored high points. That motivated them to follow through with their project to bring it to life.

The start-up was incredibly hard work. Every day after his full-time job, Laurent would head over to the Co-oking kitchen. Together with Jeffrey, they would squeeze everything out of it until 4am (literally), to get the taste of FrOui just right. It’s a simple, yet challenging recipe: fruit-based soft drinks and plant extracts, with a minimum of sugar.

Their hard work surely paid off as FrOui suddenly took off. The range quickly expanded to four flavours and the number of sales outlets grew to 250. During this exponential growth period, they turned to for advice and guidance in realizing their ambitious plans. But then the corona crisis threw down its iron fist. Despite initial insecurities, the duo continued to thrive by expanding their network and learning from other entrepreneurs. Nowadays, you can find FrOui on the shelves at BioPlanet and soon it will be introduced at Delhaize.

Not so obvious, all the more fascinating

“Say YES to the least obvious choice!” This is the motto that Laurent and Jeffrey live by, from their career choices to packaging and ingredient choices. They make no compromises and follow their hearts. This certainly makes their entrepreneurial adventure very exciting. One “least obvious choice”, for example, is bottle choice. Instead of traditional PET bottles, they opted for glass bottles and packaging with a cap made from sugar cane.

For this dynamic duo, factors like the environment, ethics and choosing organic remain more important than big profit margins and relentless growth. It seems consumers are increasingly leaning in the same direction based on the steady rise in sales of this sympathetic soft drink with winking smiley face logo and minimal sugar. Good for a maximum dose of fun and FrOui!