Spentys: 3D printing of orthopedic prostheses!

Spentys makes high-quality orthopedic materials with 3D technology, tailored to the patient. The past health crisis certainly had a significant impact on their business model. During this turbulent period, Spentys made a shift towards far-reaching digitization of its contacts with doctors and hospitals. This choice immediately facilitated a move abroad.

Louis-Philippe Broze, business owner of Spentys, had just raised 1.7 million euros in capital for the digitization, modeling and 3D printing of orthopedic prostheses. But then the country went into quarantine. Doctors and hospitals were pretty much shielded from the outside world. “In the medical instruments sector, sales and contacts were made face-to-face, through representatives visiting hospitals. Suddenly, with this no longer a possibility, our sales team needed to take a very different approach. In order to continue communicating (remotely) with specialists and surgeons, we quickly focused on new initiatives such as webinars, online workshops, 3D models, etc.”

The new approach was a success!

It also generated unexpected growth for the company. Lous-Philippe Broze: “Thanks to remote sales, we managed to win more foreign contracts. Also in countries and regions where it was previously difficult for us to gain a foothold: Sweden, the Middle East, Africa… And soon perhaps even India and the United States.” Conclusion: the crisis clearly also offers opportunities, especially for companies that want to innovate and digitize permanently!

COVID-19 was certainly at the root of a major readjustment at Spentys, which also had a subsidiary in Switzerland. “Today, our sales are once again centralized in Brussels. This administrative savings provided financial breathing space to invest elsewhere and conquer foreign countries. The goal for 2021? “Fivefold the turnover of 2020,” Louis-Philippe Broze confidently states.