Looking forward with Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs!

Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs (EYE) is an international exchange program that gives young entrepreneurs the opportunity to gain experience across national borders, under the guidance of an experienced colleague.

Almost everyone knows Erasmus, the worldwide exchange program for college and university students which has been around since 1987. Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs may be younger and less well known, but is just as endearing.

Who is eligible for an exchange through EYE? Young entrepreneurs who have been in business for less than three years. The goal of this program? To offer the opportunity – under the guidance of an experienced colleague abroad – to become acquainted with entrepreneurial life for a period of one to six months. The advantage for the mentor? Input of new ideas and a fresh view on their approach, along with a large dose of enthusiasm and ambition.

The candidate-entrepreneurs receive a reimbursement of their travel expenses, plus a grant for daily expenses during their stay abroad. The conditions for submitting an application are quite simple: the candidate has residency in one of the participating countries and their own entrepreneurial project – including business and financial plans. Or he or she already has an existing business that’s less than three years old.

Do you qualify for this unique opportunity? If so, then send in your application ASAP to get started in further expanding your dream and horizons…just like Laurane Coornaert of Degré 47 who gained a wealth of experience in Portugal through this program.

Foreign inspiration for ecological self-building

Having just graduated as an architect, Laurane Coornaert wanted to further sharpen her knowledge of sustainable, social and ecological building. Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs was the perfect solution for her, to gain experience abroad. Through the program Laurane crossed over to Portugal to get her hands dirty – on site. For six months, she fully immersed herself in new, accessible construction techniques and low-tech building materials. Immediately upon her return to Belgium – in full corona crisis – she started Degré 47, a consultancy for ecological self-building. She advises and guides aspiring homeowners in realizing their dream to build their own eco-home.

EYE programme: info session

With Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs (EYE), we encourage you to train in another country alongside an experienced peer! Would you like to acquire this kind of experience? Join us next September 30th at 12:30 pm for an overview of the programme!