SHAYP: Cutting-edge technology that saves water!

Many buildings have to deal with invisible water leaks, which wastes huge amounts of drinking water. Not at all ideal considering drinking water is becoming increasingly scarce. Shayp tracks down these invisible leaks, which not only reduces water bills and better protects buildings, but also minmizes negative environmental impact.

A shocking dicovery revealed that 35% of drinking water is lost through invisible leaks or seeping into the ground or walls! These types of water leaks are usually not within sight, and thus can go undetected for years. This of course has consequences both for the state of the buildings and for its surrounding environment.

Hence, Shayp has come up with innovative technology to very precisely measure water consumption. In the event of a leak, the building owner is immediately notified. The core values of this solution: innovation, simplicity and ecology. This is how Shayp wants to make a difference. Moreover, their application fits in with the movement of developing smart cities. Shayp is also a tool in the fight against poverty – and for greater social inclusion.

Don’t reinvent water

All of Shayp’s measuring devices are manufactured and assembled in Belgium. They have a lifespan of about 10 years, after which they can be either refurbished or 100% recycled. Shayp was developed in collaboration with the City of Brussels. This groundbreaking system already received an award from Solar Impulse, the foundation of Bertrand Piccard – the world-famous adventurer and environmental activist. The jury praised Shayp as “an example of an innovative partnership committed to a more sustainable world.”