circlemade: coming full circle (and the circular economic future)

Extracting scarce resources, processing them, consuming them and then throwing them away… This current, linear economic logic is not only reaching – but exceeding – its limits. Today, circular economy is clearly the most sustainable alternative. It also offers excellent opportunities for entrepreneurs.

How can we reduce the environmental impact of production and consumption? This is the philosophy and guiding principle of, the Brussels cluster of circular entrepreneurs.

But how do we go about this? If we want to achieve a sustainable economic transition (the only viable solution), then we must reinvent the way our economy works. As wasting and discarding scarce resources is no longer an option, we must turn to the sensible alternatives of reuse and upcycling. This not only benefits the environment, but also society as a whole.

Take the circular fold too!

The recipes for a successful transition: low-carbon models, regenerative economy and social entrepreneurship. is the youngest of six clusters. At its inception, the cluster consisted of about forty companies. In 2021, we expect another substantial growth in upwards of 120 participants. offers entrepreneurs a platform for exchange and networking, supplemented with inspiration about innovative solutions. They can gain new knowledge, expand their network and also accelerate their growth. All this, of course, in a sustainable way!