Cluster: Cluster full of knowledge, contacts and expertise

If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together. And if you want to go both faster and further, simply count on the clustering of knowledge and expertise of For years, clusters have been helping businesses reach new heights quicker and more solidly than if they went it alone. has clusters for the hospitality sector, circular economy, sustainable building, life/medtech, IT and audiovisual companies.

Rudyard Kipling once wrote: “The strength of the wolf is the pack”. Ask any entrepreneur what is most crucial to their success, and chances are they’ll answer: my network. All too often, we get completely absorbed in our work. Thus, we sometimes lose sight of the overall picture (and perspective).

Contact and interaction are essential to expand horizons. It’s also necessary to seize new commercial opportunities, find customers, increase visibility, etc. This is exactly the added value of such a group of companies organized in a cluster, that’s divided by theme or sector. The various clusters are supported by the Brussels-Capital Region in order to stimulate regional development of a few carefully chosen sectors.

A cluster for each sector

In concrete terms, the strategy of a cluster is managed by a Board, consisting of entrepreneurs as well as private and public institutions. The teams organise workshops, meetings, partnerships, coaching, seminars, and much more. The rest is up to you! Six clusters, one common goal

The six clusters of are organized by theme: is the place to be for innovations in circular economy; unites expertise on sustainable building and renovation; is the cluster for medtech and healthcare; focuses on culture, events and tourism; focuses on developing audiovisual media; brings together IT digital start-ups.