ecobuild: Cluster for sustainable construction and renovation in Brussels is the cluster for sustainable building and renovation in Brussels. The cluster gathers Brussels companies that are currently pioneering this groundbreaking sector. actively aids in the development of sustainable building in Brussels. It accomplishes this in many ways to include supporting, developing and better structuring companies that want to win new contracts.

The mission of rests on four pillars: promoting sustainable building (the core of the cluster), bringing crucial players together within the sector for standing stronger, providing inspiration for new projects with strong focus on the future, and answering or referring specific questions from companies. has an extensive network of contacts to include companies, institutions, universities, etc. In this way, we can play a concrete, binding role in developing ecological construction in the region. Together, we are building a better future!

Circular building = building for tomorrow

Our ambition is simple – to build more sustainably and ecologically. This certainly fits in with our aim to promote and stimulate economic transition – from linear to circular model. To achieve this, we need to design, build and demolish differently. We also need to commit to reusing, recycling and reconstruction. Simultaneously, we focus on extending the life of used materials, along with the introduction of common facilities for construction professionals. Brussels has excellent assets today to build the city of tomorrow – a beautiful and ‘reversible’ city, with a limited ecological footprint. Hence, plays a crucial role in this!