hospitality: the capital’s calling card!

Brussels excels in culture and events, with the European capital’s tourist appeal growing each year. Via, entrepreneurs in this sector can find the inspiration, guidance and contacts they need to realise their ambitious plans.

Tourism, events and culture form an important economic sector in Brussels and provide lots of employment. It’s also an indispensable sector for making Brussels vibrant and inspiring on a daily basis! cluster surely plays a major role in all of this. COVID-19 was a huge blow for the Belgian and European capital, with the hospitality sector hit hardest.

Fortunately, after months of darkness, finally comes light – with the city getting back on track. Hopefully this summer we’ll be out and about again – carefree at cafés, concerts, daytrips, etc. Brussels is more than just an important base for governments and businesses. It’s a city that lives – where you can eat, shop and soak up culture. In this way, the hospitality sector provides an essential economic dynamic in the Region. To overcome the deep crisis caused by COVID-19, the need for guidance, support and awareness is greater than ever.

Essential sectors for Brussels

This is what is doing via the cluster. This summer, the goal of is to give culture, events and horeca sectors an extra boost, to stimulate cooperation and provide the necessary support.

The cluster is also playing a lead role in providing knowledge and innovation – through conferences, coaching sessions, workshops, the development of networks, etc. Lastly, offers advice and expertise to hospitality entrepreneurs. For example, regarding subsidies, contracts, permits and legal procedures.

We also offer support in drawing up a financial plan, in market positioning, in drafting an international innovation strategy, etc. Want more information? We’re here for you! Want to make the capital come alive, shine and sparkle again? helps you on your way!