lifetech: Brussels platform for MedTech and e-Health!

Innovative companies in medical technology and healthcare are currently on the rise in Brussels. The cluster is also growing in line with this sector’s ambitions. Objective: to stimulate innovation for the benefit of patients and healthcare professionals. is the central meeting point for innovative players active in MedTech and e-Health. The cluster offers a platform for entrepreneurs, researchers, designers, medical professions, companies, etc. Members can also count on individual coaching sessions via the Studio. This workshop focuses on support in the development of medical prototypes. There is also the MedTech Accelerator®, aimed at supporting and guiding entrepreneurs, researchers and professionals working on high-tech solutions and tools.

Are you working as a researcher at a research institution or consulting firm? Looking for partners, funding, advice on developing a business model or managing intellectual property? Feel free to contact!

7 reasons for joining

  1. Create synergies with other members Individual guidance and support
  2. Opportunity to participate in the annual MedTech Accelerator® program
  3. Participation in international trade missions and trade fairs (at reduced rates)
  4. Participation in workshops and exclusive networking events
  5. Updates and industry news from home and abroad
  6. Extra promotion and exposure for your company
  7. Access to prototyping tools from the MedTech Accelerator®