Export: (re)starting to export abroad!

For Brussels-based export companies, it remains a challenge for prospecting, business trips and contact with foreign customers. To help support (aspiring) exporters, hub.brussels’ export team introduced some new initiatives last year.

In Brussels, the growth and development of a company is often via export. That’s why hub.brussels offers various types of guidance to companies looking for new sales markets. hub.brussels is perfectly equipped to offer this support due to our extensive international network. Our employees abroad assist Brussels and Belgian companies in taking their first steps into a new market – through providing advice and local contacts. We are also often present at specialized international trade fairs, with a shared stand. In this way, we can lower the financial and logistical requirements for participating companies.

COVID-19 has certainly thwarted the export plans of many companies. In response to this, hub.brussels’ export support redirected its efforts to continue to help these companies through these exceptional times. In the past year, for example, we introduced a series of webinars, online B2B meetings and participation in virtual trade fairs.

Free webinars for (prospective) exporters

Export Talks is a special new initiative of the hub.brussels export team: a series of 30 webinars targeted at companies that want to (re)start exporting. This series accounts for 50 hours of practical information, tips and best practices. Each of the webinars is hosted by renowned export experts. They answer administrative and logistical questions about exporting within and outside the EU.