Goodfood: the future sustainable (organic) food!

The range of organic and sustainably produced food in Brussels is extremely diverse and growing every day. We promote this through, a platform that gathers local initiatives. This platform also inspires you to eat well-balanced, healthy meals.

From 2016 to 2020, the build-up of GoodFood – a Brussels-Capital Region initiative – was a solid success. In fact, it currently supports many different projects, from farm to plate. The focus includes sustainability, local production and food waste reduction.

We are now in the second phase of GoodFood, which promises even more goodies. After the inspiring, concrete results from the first phase, there now comes a spectacular extension that will focus on the expansion of organic and short chains. Specifically, we aim for more collaboration and participation, with as many local and regional players, producers, entrepreneurs, etc.

Nourrir Bruxelles: festival for foodies keen on transition

Nourrir Bruxelles is a festival entirely dedicated to interaction focused on (the future of) sustainable food and social-ecological transition. It will include a healthy mix of fascinating information and challenging viewpoints for and by Brussels residents. The Nourrir Bruxelles programme is a must for foodies and entrepreneurs with a heart for sustainable food: workshops, keynotes, conferences, gastronomic company visits, etc. Come and sample it!