Speedcoaching: Growth Booster!

More than 25 free speed coaching sessions from hub.brussels give horeca and retail entrepreneurs the opportunity to (again) grow or reorient their business. You are not alone during these challenging times!

5 questions for Flore Frédéric, head of speed coaching at hub.brussels

For whom are the speed coaching sessions intended?

For all Brussels retail and horeca business owners directly affected by the corona crisis.

Why “speed”?

Simple. Entrepreneurs have little time to spare. This online setup makes it possible to get straight to the point – quickly, easily and in a personalized way that’s tailored to a concrete question or need.

How does it work?

Entrepreneurs simply register through our website, then answer a few questions. Our team then analyses your needs and gets back to you ASAP with a recommendation that includes 3 relevant coaching sessions.

What are the most popular topics?

The sessions related to communication, online sales and optimizing business finances.

How is participant feedback?

Very positive. Those who called on one of our coaches are very happy with the additional knowledge and increased autonomy. Another important asset is the individual and personalized nature of each session, tailored to the specific needs of each participant.