Starting successfully with entrepreneurship: the best is YET to come !

While the future may belong to young entrepreneurs, starting a business can be quite challenging. What is the best time to start my own business? As a student, can I already start my own business? Do I have the right profile to start a business? Is my business idea solid? Where can I find the necessary (free) guidance or office space? You’ll find all these answers – and more – on, the matchmaking platform for starting entrepreneurs.

Thorough knowledge and preparation, combined with a dose of self-confidence, is the basis for every successful business. Young Entrepreneurs of Tomorrow, or YET for short, is a platform that aims to get young people in Brussels excited about entrepreneurship. The platform is a starting point for every beginning entrepreneur trying to find their way around the Brussels business world.

What are my options as a starting entrepreneur?

YET has several base locations such as MolenGeek, a well-known co-working space for IT people and start-ups in the tech sector. Coding School interns are also hosted at MolenGeek.

In addition, YET offers various programs to support internships abroad or a first work experience abroad (Entrechok). Those who already have a concrete project, including business and financial plans, can go abroad with Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs for a period of one to six months. Or how about a crash course in social entrepreneurship? Thanks to Déclic Tour, you can take an intensive one-week course in getting acquainted with the many highlights of social entrepreneurship in Belgium.

Looking for support and guidance to kickstart your business? At YET, you’ll find various business incubators that can help you with all the different aspects of successfully starting a business. This includes professional guidance, networking and advice (Start.LAB and Positive Generation), international exchange (YoungThinkers), training courses and workshops (Story-me), artistic projects (Art Student Desk), and many more! Check out for further info.

Setting up a business as a student? Easier than you think!

Did you know: as a student, it’s relatively easy to start your own business? Many colleges and universities, in fact, are willing to work with you to create an adapted timetable or examination schedule. You just have to ask! Often educational institutions have services that can help you with extra guidance or the (re)organization of your study time. Lastly, the status of student-entrepreneur gives you the opportunity to invoice services or products at favourable conditions.